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Who is “in charge” of Saints FC?

Saints FC is a completely volunteer-led organization.  Local parents and volunteers donate their time as board members and coaches.  We utilize paid coaches for our travel teams to provide those teams with the best possible experiences but all other positions are filled by volunteers.  If you’re interested in serving on our board or getting involved, click here and let our volunteer coordinator know.


The mission of Saints FC is to provide soccer opportunities to as many children and adults in our community as possible.  If you have ideas about new opportunities or ways to make our program better, please let us know.


Do you have to be a resident of Latham to participate?

No.  We allow participation from children and adults from throughout the Capital Region.  However, there are limited spots on some of our travel teams and priority will be given to residents of the Town of Colonie on those squads.


What is the difference between recreational and travel soccer?

Recreational soccer is our largest program and takes places twice a year (in the Fall and Spring).  The Fall “rec” program is our largest – in fact, it is one of the largest in the Capital Region – and is a semi-competitive program for players at all levels.  The Fall program includes programs for four year-olds up to ninth graders.  Spring recreational play is for 4 year-olds through fifth graders and includes a little more instruction and less structured play.  Fall rec soccer teams generally practice once a week in addition to playing one game per weekend (generally on Saturdays through the end of October for younger ages and on Sundays for 7th &  8th graders).


All registrants are guaranteed placement on a team and (volunteer) coaches are encouraged to provide equal playing time to all participants.  The emphasis of our recreational programs is to expose kids to soccer, get them playing the game and giving them basic instruction on how to play and better themselves.  A priority of all of our soccer programs is to teach sportsmanship, teamwork and encourage lifelong love of “the beautiful game.”


Travel soccer is a more competitive program that includes both an indoor and outdoor season (running from November – May).  Saints FC travel clubs participate in various levels of the Capital District Youth Soccer League (CDYSL)  and, during the outdoor season, includes travel to various clubs throughout the Capital Region.  More information on the travel program is available here.


Saints FC's goal is to provide soccer opportunities for as many kids as possible and, thus, we will try to field as many teams at each age level as there is interest.  Our hope is to never turn a player away from a travel soccer team based on ability.  We do, however, hold player evaluations during the summer to determine appropriate team placement and from time to time will have to limit the number of players on a team and cut some who tryout.  In those circumstances, we actively work to provide additional opportunities for those players with other clubs and/or teams.


What are the fees for Saints FC soccer and what is included?

Registration fees for recreational soccer can be found here and includes uniforms and end-of-the-year participation gifts.  All coaches are volunteers and fees are used to cover the costs of running and marketing the program.


Travel fees are additional to recreational fees and cover the cost of paying for professional coaches, league entry fees and indoor practice facility rentals.  Parents will also pay for uniforms, additional tournament entry fees (differs per team) and travel.  Additional questions on our travel costs can be answered by our travel coordinator.


None of our programs are “money makers” and are priced to cover our costs (including field maintenance, insurance, etc.) to provide soccer opportunities to residents of our community.


Since Saints FC does not ever want to turn away a child from having the opportunity to play soccer, certain accommodations can be made for families in extreme circumstances.  Please contact our board president to have a confidential discussion to begin this special process.


Where are Saints FC games played?

All of our recreational games are played at the Town of Colonie’s North Colonie Soccer Complex.  Recreational practices are generally held at area elementary schools (through an agreement with the North Colonie School District) or the Kiwanis Fields.


Outdoor travel soccer games (CDYSL league games) are played at the Boght Road complex.  Generally, outdoor practices for Saints FC travel squads are held at Boght Road or the Kiwanis Fields.  Indoor play and practice vary by team and are held at several area indoor facilities.


How do I register?

All LCSC registration (for recreational and travel teams) are done online.  We only accept credit card payments at this time.  If this is a hardship, certain accommodations can be made by contacting our volunteer treasurer.


Can adults play?

Yes!  We offer a variety of soccer opportunities for area adults of all ages and skills from weekly pick-up games to teams entered in local leagues at a variety of age levels.  Contact our adult league coordinator for more information.

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